Classic Repost: These Songs Make My Stomach Hurt

Welcome new readers. Here is another classic post that you might have missed. Enjoy.

Feel free to add to the list of songs. I’m sure there are some that I haven’t thought of yet. If I were to think about the music from the early 90’s, I’m sure even more will come to mind.

When I’m With You – Tony Terry
This was a nice song, but they played it too much. I actually picked up the album and it sucked. If I’m not mistaken, he had a song on their about the Flintstones. I’ll have to listen to it again but I know there was a cartoon song on the album. Anyway, I couldn’t get with him after that.

Popcorn Love – New Edition
I still like Candy Girl but this song is too cheesy for words. I give them a pass because they were kids and what else do kids have to sing about. I’m sure they don’t even know the words to it anymore. But even though I can’t stand this song, New Edition is still one of my favorite groups from my youth.

Oh Shelia – Ready for the World
Can you believe I was going to do this song in my high school talent show? Lord, I’m glad we decided not do it. They would have booed us off of the stage. There is nothing about this group that I like. The curls were too much for me. But I did jam this song until one day it dawned on me that it was a piece of crap. Do anyone remember the video? It was a technological mess.

Shower Me With Your Love – Surface
These whiney punks got under my skin. I was dating some girl, can’t recall her name, that played this song all of the time. I remember driving in my cousin’s hatchback Citation on the 294 Expressway on our way to a party in Midlothian. She played this song the entire way. Now, we’re trying to get hype for the party so we want to put in a mixtape with Farley Jack Master Funk, and she’s crying about playing this wimpy song.

I’m So Deep – Ready for the World
So, they make the list twice. That’s not a good sign. My sister and her best friend at the time played this song over and over and over and over. She made a tape with this song and a couple of songs with Michael Jackson on it. This was at the time when Michael Jackson was still black and Ralph Trasvent was the heartthrob of New Edition. Well, I stole the tape and broke it into pieces. Boy, my sister was pissed. She knew I did it and I would have gotten away with if my brother hadn’t dropped the dime on me. That kid could never keep quiet. Offer him candy and he’d give away nuclear secrets. I got punished but I didn’t hear this song for two days.

Always and Forever – Heatwave
The radio did this song in for me. Every night, ever radio station, every party, every high school dance, every basement party, every block party, every wedding, every couples skate and the roller rink… this song was played. Lawd, if I never hear this song again… They should break the master and retire this song from the airwaves. Too bad because it is not a bad song, but it is so annoying to me now.


2 Responses to Classic Repost: These Songs Make My Stomach Hurt

  1. stuffle Says:
    For me, the songs that make me wretch are:

    1.) Any '80's big hair "power balad". If the video has guys w/ long hair in spandex, and a lot of bic lighters, chances are very strong that the song totally sucks...

    2.) Songs where the artist whines about his pathetic life growing up and about how he hates his parents and how they always put him down, etc. Bands like Staind seem to have made a whole career out of singing this sort of crap.

    I forget who it is, but some band has a lyric something like "yeah my parents weren't perfect, but you ain't gonna hear any of that whiney as bitchin' from me, like you hear on everybodies CD". That is paraphrasing, I forget the exact lyric, but I agree completely with the sentiment.

    3.) pretty much anything by Micheal Bolton.
  2. Dell Gines Says:
    Nice little list.

    Don't forget Bel Biv Divo, "Smile Again"

    Man, I had a bad CD I put together.