Pigskin Challenge: Week 5

It looks like there are some really good games happening this week. In order for me to make some moves I have to take some chances. I don't know why Jacksonville is favored over the Bengals - but it doesn't it matter because I'm putting my money on the Bengals. I'd like to pick Chicago over Cleveland but the kool-aid is gone so I'm not sure. I may just change my pick - but I'm not sure.

New Orleans at Green Bay (they have to win eventually)

Seattle at St. Louis

Tennessee at Houston (The Titans are better than their record)

New England at Atlanta (I'm not sure about this game)

Miami at Buffalo (Another that I'm not sure about)

Chicago at Cleveland (I'd love to go with my Bears on this one)

Baltimore at Detroit

Tampa Bay at NY Jets

Indianapolis at San Francisco (No Brainer!!!)

Carolina at Arizona

Washington at Denver

Philadelphia at Dallas

Cincinnati at Jacksonville (My upset pick of the week)

Pittsburgh at San Diego (The Chargers are clicking now)


4 Responses to Pigskin Challenge: Week 5

  1. Dell Gines Says:
    OK Here we go...let the hot streat continue...

    New Orleans at Green Bay - New Orleans
    Seattle at St. Louis - Seattle
    Tennessee at Houston - Tenessee
    New England at Atlanta - New England
    Miami at Buffalo - Miami
    Chicago at Cleveland - Chicago
    Baltimore at Detroit - Baltimore
    Tampa Bay at NY Jets - Tampe Bay
    Indianapolis at San Francisco - Indy
    Carolina at Arizona - Carolina
    Washington at Denver - Denver
    Philadelphia at Dallas - Phili
    Cincinnati at Jacksonville - Cinci
    Pittsburgh at San Diego - Pittsburgh
  2. Dell Gines Says:
    2:48 Central...and this is look badddddddddddd....
  3. Dell Gines Says:
    First half 3 - 5 :(
  4. James Manning Says:
    I'm 8-4 with two games remaining. That is not pad.

    It looks as though I will be able to make up some ground on you, Dell.