Reparations: I'd Like 40 Acres and a Benz, Please

But it will never happen. I don't give this topic much credence because I think it is something for the halls of academia to josh about. Black people, please, move along because there is nothing to see here. Reparations will never happen. There is simply no viable way to determine who is eligible for reparations and how the money or whatever cockamainy scheme they come up with to hush us up once and for all.

The argument of where the money would come from is a farce. If we can come up with money for a war in Iraq and rebuilding the Gulf Coast, you can be they'd find a way to come up with the money to pay reparations if the wanted? But, again, it is a mute argument because it will never happen.

However, if it were to happen, this is how I think it should work:

Education for the Masses: The fastest way out of poverty is human development through education and training. Therefore, a scholarship for a state university or vocational training should be given to every black person. For those not prepared for higher education course work, a program should be established to prepare them to meet the standards of the university.

Education for Me: I want a scholarship to pursue two masters degree from USC. I would also like lifetime season tickets to USC and Michigan games.

The Loot for the Masses: $300,000 tax-free. The money should be distributed after each person over the age of 18 completes personal finance classes and has a trustee to oversea the spending for the first year. Those under the age of 18 will have their money placed in a trust that will be available to them after their 18th birthdates and after completing the personal finance class.

The Loot for Me: Just give me the loot and I'll holla.

Those Acres for the Masses: Interest free mortgages for the brothers and sisters. Considering that a lot of banks made money off of slave labor, I think it is fitting that we not pay the $300,000 in interest that accumulates on most mortgages.

The Acres for Me: A house in Malibu

The Apology for the Masses: The President should officially apologize for slavery and acknowledge the damage that it did to the black family.

The Apology for Me: Shut the hell up and give me a S600 Benz . I don't care about an apology and I know the bastards won't mean it anyway.

Now, I know even with all of this, some black folks will fall flat on their faces. But hey, that's them and at that point there can be no excuses. Although there aren't that many excuses available now. But with $300,000, a free education, an individual assisting with finances - I'd say that is a pretty good starting point to a successful life.

But the reality is that it will never happen. So, lets just get on with our lives because if there is a Benz and a house in Malibu in my future, it will come from the sweat of my own hustle. But it's a nice thought.


4 Responses to Reparations: I'd Like 40 Acres and a Benz, Please

  1. Dell Gines Says:
    I think Reparations can occur, it just takes a stronger unified effort by blacks and the participation of whites , not alot but enough. In reality that is how all social progress works. I am going to repost my theoretical program of reparations on that post, because it address much of what you say should be done were it to occurr.
  2. Midlife Crisis Says:
    >But the reality is that it will never happen. So, lets just get on with our lives..

    Sorry, DELL GINES. I tend to agree. One would be better off fantasizing about that Benz magically appearing (naturally without effort) from lottery winnings or from the generosity of Santa than reparations. Let's just move on.

    Don't we have more important issues to address--like only 25% of Black children being born in of wedlock and the ridiculous percentage of Black men who are either in jail or on parole--to worry about than mythical reparations?

    And don't talk about the jews and the japanese. They were considered citizens, remember? You'd have to do a lot of legal wrangling to give the descendants of 3/4 of a person any benefits.
  3. Silvertongues Says:
    If you want 40 acres and a Benz, then check out my site,

    I'm working on my 40 acres on my own. I really don't expect that reparations will ever be made.

    I think that is ashame because they are justified. However, I don't think that cash is the answer for reparations. I think it would get into people's hands and go right to Wal-Mart, the auto dealership, a trip or 2 to Cancun and a keg or two. (At least mine would). Then, your back to broke.

    I think there should be a 10-20 year period where college education for African Americans is free. If you can qualify for admission, your education is free up to at least a bachelor's degree.

    It would motivate Blacks that don't think they would ever go, it might inspire more to pursue academics vs athletics and entertainment (I'm not knocking them though) and it would give us a chance for a future.

    Wealth is strongly correlated to educational attainment and, as my grandma used to say, they can't take your degree away from you.


  4. Silvertongues Says:
    Also, if you like my site, please link to it.