Pigskin Challenge: Week 1

Ok, I know that there is a lot going on in the world. Hurricane Katrina, two open seats on the Supreme Court, the chaos in Iraq - but its football season dammit and we can't lose site of that. We'll return to our regularly scheduled dismantling of the Bush lies in a second but the season starts tonight with the Oakland Raider at the New England Patriots.

I know you Oakland fans have high hopes, but you'll have to put them on hold for week 2 - because tonight, the Pats are going to stomp a mudhole in the Black & Silver. I didn't pick the Pats to three-peat but they will repeatedly find themselves in the endzone against the Raiders defense. Oh, I think the Raiders will score some points, but not enough. Well, that's my take. Here are my picks for week 1. Feel free to make your own picks.

I'm going to compare my picks to the experts on Yahoo Sports. If you like to get in on the challenge, just leave your picks in the comment area.

>>The Picks<<
New England vs. Oakland
Buffalo vs. Houston
Washington vs. Chicago
Cincinnati vs. Cleveland
Carolina vs. New Orleans
Jacksonville vs. Seattle
Kansas City vs. New York
Denver vs. Miami
Minnesota vs. Tampa bay
Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee
St. Louis vs. San Francisco
Detroit vs. Green bay
NY Giants vs. Arizona
San Diego vs. Dallas
Indianapolis vs. Baltimore
Philadelphia vs. Atlanta


5 Responses to Pigskin Challenge: Week 1

  1. Dell Gines Says:
    New England vs. Oakland - Oakland
    Buffalo vs. Houston - Houston
    Washington vs. Chicago - Washington
    Cincinnati vs. Cleveland - Cinci
    Carolina vs. New Orleans - Carolina
    Jacksonville vs. Seattle - Seattle
    Kansas City vs. New York - KC
    Denver vs. Miami - Miami
    Minnesota vs. Tampa bay - Minnesota
    Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee - Pitt
    St. Louis vs. San Francisco - San Fran
    Detroit vs. Green bay - Detroit
    NY Giants vs. Arizona - AZ
    San Diego vs. Dallas - San Diego
    Indianapolis vs. Baltimore - Indy
    Philadelphia vs. Atlanta - Phili
  2. Chris Roberts Says:
    New England vs. Oakland- OAK
    Buffalo vs. Houston- BUF
    Washington vs. Chicago- CHI
    Cincinnati vs. Cleveland- CIN
    Carolina vs. New Orleans- CAR
    Jacksonville vs. Seattle- JAX
    Kansas City vs. New York- J-E-T-S
    Denver vs. Miami- DEN
    Minnesota vs. Tampa bay- MIN
    Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee- PIT
    St. Louis vs. San Francisco- RAMS
    Detroit vs. Green bay- GB
    NY Giants vs. Arizona- Zona
    San Diego vs. Dallas- Big D (I'm a Cowboys homer)
    Indianapolis vs. Baltimore- IND
    Philadelphia vs. Atlanta- PHI
  3. feels good b n FREE Says:
    ya'll men are a trip....get at me at super bowl time...(smile)

    then we can talk as my EAGLES beat whomever!!! (lol)
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