Hot Ghetto Mess: Celebrity Edition

UPDATE: I just couldn't help myself on this. This is the reason I go to Incititing a Riot on the dailay basis.

Andre 3000: I just can't seem to understand my man Andre. I've seen him Vogue Magazine in some fly gear and then he turns around and pulls a 'cottin' pickin' field' look on me. I'm sure he's not smoking anything so it must be a matter of just finding one's self... I hope he find him soon because I'm almost ready to pull his card.

Courtesy of Crunk & Disorderly I just had to blog about this because it is too funny. How sad it is to see young brother fall from glory. But I can't say that I am surprised. K-Ci always looked as though he was smoking crack even when it was clear that he was sober. And Sisqo, the The Thong Song elevated his sweetness to a new level with me. The man might as well walk around with a box of Saccharine in his back pocket.

It actually is kind of sad that K-Ci is going down like this. The brother is talented.

K-Ci: There was a time when Jodeci was at the top of the game. But, oh my, what drugs can do to a career. I"m not sure if this is they are performing at a summer fest or at the Johnson's Family Renuion but it looks like he forgot the words to a song and trying to get the sound man's attention. So sad. Tell your kids to stay away from drugs.

Sisqo: LOL - What can a brother say? What is the purpose of blue hair? There is no excuse for this. I think Sisqo and K-Ci would make great characters for a reality show. We call it "The Queer & Crackhead Hour." Who cares about the premise, just watching them is entertainment enough. Is that a see-though tie? Why is he wearing a tie - untied with his shirt untucked? This is not a good look. Even I, the anti-metrosexual has more fashion sense than this.


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  1. Midlife Crisis Says:
    Personally, I am surprised that K-Ci is still alive. He has been a chronic alcoholic since the early nineties. I felt sorry for him.