Friday's Top Ten: NFL Preseason Pick

The season starts next week and I'm here to give my picks for the year. Normally, I would talk about my Bears but they suck and will probably be one of the worst teams in the league. I'm still going to watch them every week - no point in the letting the Direct TV go to waste, but I'm not expecting much from them.

There are three teams that I'm looking to surprise me. Raiders, Bills and the Lions interest me only because all those teams made good off-season moves that may propel them to the next leve. The Lions looked bad during preason but they have a backup quarterback and a receiving corp that should dominate most secondaries.

It's going to be a very interesting season. I have my Top Ten but I have some questions that if answered, could change the entire makeup of the NFL playoffs.

My Super Bowl pick: Indianapolis finally beats the Patriots and McNabb and TO get on the same page and beat the hell out of the NFC.

Super Bowl Winner: Indianapolis Colts

1. Indianapolis Colts -
Have: Superior offense and great team chemistry.
Question: Will the Colts figure out how to score against the Patriots?

2. New Englad Patriots -
Have: Experience, coaching and solid necleus.
Question: Is is possible to win three consecutive Super Bowls?

3. Philadelphia Eagles -
Have: McNabb and a solid defense.
Question: Can McNabb and TO put aside their fued and dominate the NFC?

4. Pittsburg Steelers -
Have: 3-4 defense and "The Bus"
Question: Can Ben Roethlisberger repeat his rookie season?

5. Baltimore Ravens
Have: Some receiving help for the quarterback and a Ray Lewis.
Question: Will the offense finally perfom up to par?

6. Carolina Panthers -
Have: A weak NFC South conference and a weak schedule
Question: Can they take advantage of it?

7. Atlanta Falcons -
Have: Michael Vick
Question: Is that enough?

8. San Diego Chargers -
Have: Same team as last year
Question: Can they get the same results in an improved division?

9. Minnasota Vikings -
Have: Improved defense
Question: Will it compensate for the loss of Randy Moss?

10. Kansas City Cheifs -
Have: Explosive offense
Question: Can the defense get any worse?


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