Rap That Endorsement Up

From "My Adidas" by Run DMC to "Pass the Courvoisier", rappers have always promoted their favorite gear or drink. When you look at the videos, you'll see them toute thier rides. Let's face it, hyping a Crystal and Jacobs symbolizes your status in the business. I doubt you would get much love if you rapped about drinking Old Style, wearing Pro-Wings and pushing a Nissan Sentra.

The corporations love this but now someone had finally gotten the idea that there is money to be made with rap ndorsements. McDonalds is willing to pay $1 to $5 everytime a song is played on the radio if the rap mentions a Big Mac. Can you imagine how much money Busta could have made had he had a deal simular to this. I'm sure that wouldn't work with every product. It's not like Slim Thug will never mention the wonders and reliablitity of a Maytag washing machine.

The question is, if it got out that the rapper was paid to put a Whopper in his rap, would it be as effective. I guess it depends on the product. Tiger Woods endorsing Buick don't strick me as real - but put Tiger in a Benz commercial - that's plausible. 50 Cent getting paid by Gucci, it might go over well. Some will call it selling out but I think it's good business. Why should Rebok reep the benefits of of Jay Z spitting a line about their shoes without getting paid for it. Athletes and movies stars get paid for endorsements, why not rappers and singers?


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