Advice: What Happened to the Salsa Instructor?

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For the next couple of weeks I'll pull from the archives. I'm sure you will enjoy them as we like to pull the funniest letters and let our imagination run.

We recently got an email from a young woman. She wrote:

Dear, "The Dining Room Table", Two weeks ago I went on a date with a man I met at a salsa club in LA. We hit it off right away in the club and exchanged phone numbers. He called me and we went out. We had dinner and went salsa dancing. He is a salsa instructor, so he definitely showed me a few moves on the dance floor. We danced for 6 hours and had a great time. He said he wanted to see me again and I agreed. The strange part is, he never called. And even stranger, 3 days after the date, I got a text message from him, stating that he gave my boss a "good word" for me. He even knew my boss's name! What happened? Sincerly, One Date, Wonder?

jaimiekrishna: Oh, I hate when that happens! You think you had a great time with someone fabulous-and then they never call you again. There could be a variety of reasons he never called. I have to admit I'm guilty of this myself. I've gone on first dates with men and never called them again either. Reasons: they bored me to death, they didn't understand my vocabulary, or I didn't like the way they mixed their peas with their mashed potatoes (all legitimate reasons by my standards). Listen: men are very confusing and usually don't know what they want. First of all, the salsa instructor met you at a club ( a SALSA club). He probably thought you were beautiful and a potential private dancer. Maybe he wanted to do more than dance with you. You didn't want to more than dance with him, and he dropped you like a hot serrano chile. Men are a mystery and they don't know what they want.

And about that text message: eewwww!!! yucky!!!!! scary!!!! Consider going downtown to the courthouse and pay a nice visit to the restraining order department and just put a good word in on Mr. Salsa. Wow-he can't call you but he can investigate who you work for and the name of your boss? Also, what about taking up polka dancing? Your thoughts, james?

james: Personally, I think the man knew exactly what he wanted. He's a salsa instructor and is probably use to laying his mac on unsuspecting newbies. "My name is Ricky Suave, let me show you my moves." And since he probably looked like Ricky Martin, you fell for it and he thought to himself, "I'll show her my hot moves on the floor, then bump uglies with her in my villa overlooking the ocean." So after six hours of foreplay on the dance floor, he thought you were the one. You didn't fall for it, so now you're on his short list. No mystery to it.

As for the text message: first evidence of a stalker... you're better off without him. Six hours of salsa dancing is not a good idea for a first date... too suggestive. Try going to see "The Blue Man Group" or "River Dance". If you get a call back after that, you've probably found a decent guy... or one that at least willing to wait to get the goods. Just my thoughts.

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  1. Cynthia Says:
    Nice advice.