The Liar that Bush Is

A new poll finds that 46 percent of Americans do not believe President Bush is trustworthy.

Half of those in the poll taken by the Pew Research Center, 49 percent, said they believe the president is trustworthy, while almost as many, 46 percent said he is not. Bush was at 62 percent on this measure in a September 2003 Pew poll and at 56 percent in a Gallup poll in April. One of Bush's strong suits throughout his presidency has been the perception by a majority of people that he is honest. source

I've never trusted the bastard. He and the rest of his administration are proving to be a pack manipulating power-perverts.


1 Response to The Liar that Bush Is

  1. Cynthia Says:
    One of those dead European philosophers said it doesn't matter if you are good or not, all that counts is that people believe you are. For some reason no matter how many lies are told, many people are still willing to defend Bush. It could be as simple as that people are too embarrassed to admit that this man is not worthy of their trust.