Is Karl Rove Going Down

If you don't keep up with political drama then you might not be aware of what is happening with Karl Rove. I'll give the simple version here:

The Bush administration claimed that Iraq was trying to acquire "yellowcake" uranium from Nigeria. Joe Wilson went to Nigeria and reported that there is no evidence to support the Bush administration's claim. The Bush guys weren't happy about Joe Wilson's report so to get back, they outed Joe Wilson's wife who just happened to be a CIA operative. This is against the law and there was an investigation that has been going on for two years. Robert Novak was the journalist that reported her name but there were two other reporters that were to be jailed for not giving up the sources.

Now, the drama starts here. Bush stated in a press conference that if the leak came from his office then he will deal with that person. Well, Karl Rove's lawyer has not admitted that Karl Rove spoke to the press about Joe Wilson's wife. If you don't know, around Washington, Karl Rove is known as "Bush's Brain".

I listened to the press conference that took place yesterday and the press really nailed Scott McCullen on this issue. He's refusing to speak and previously denying that Karl Rove had anything to do with the leak.

This doesn't rise to the level of Watergate, but it is political high drama none the less. This is like watching an episode of Dallas and Pinkie and the Brain. I can't wait to read the history books on all the behind the scene dealings that have taken place with this administration. I'll keep you posted on this.


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