Fantasy Football Team

The draft took place with one of my fantasy league and I am very happy with the outcome. I'm a little concerned about TO. He's lost his mind in Philly so I don't know how the chemistry will be between him and McNabb. I picked up David Terrell because he's back with his college QB (Tom Brady) and I always thought the Bears didn't take advantage of his skills.

The Direct TV is in and now all I have to do is order the NFL Season Pass and all with be right in the universe. We are so close that I can smell it. I'll be making my predictions in a couple of weeks. I was on point last year.

My Team

M. Hasselbeck(Sea - QB)
T. Owens(Phi - WR)
Ro. Williams(Det - WR)
Ji. Smith(Jac - WR)
P. Holmes (KC - RB)
C. Martin (NYJ - RB)
A. Gates (SD - TE)

C. Pennington (NYJ - QB)
K. Barlow (SF - RB)
B. Stokley (Ind - WR)
D. Terrell (NE - WR)

O. Kimrin (Ten - K)
M. Nugent (NYJ - K)

Baltimore (Bal - DEF)
New York(NYG - DEF)


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