Rants: Larry Elder, Saying Dumb S***, Cussing

Rant 1: Larry Elder is a dumb ass. He’s ranting about how bad Allen Iverson talks in comparison to Tim Duncan. “Now, who are you going to hire?” Larry shouts. He goes on and on about athletes not speaking well and uttering street slang during news conferences. OK, we know that there are athletes that lack speaking skills. But we don’t judge them on their colloquialism. And since Allen couldn’t be there to defend himself against this tirade, I'd like to speak to Larry Elder on behalf of Mr. Iverson.

First of all, Larry, let me just say, f*** you. Mr. Iverson has no shame in the way that he speaks or carries himself. He has done quite well for himself and I don’t think he will be looking for a job any time soon. Speaking well is not the only measurement of intelligence. Hell, since I’ve been listening to you I have heard nothing but dumb shit come out of your mouth… and you speak quite eloquently. So, please, shut the f*** up.

Rant 2: At some point in your life you are going to say some dumb shit. It happens to the best of us – to some more than others (See Rant 1). However, most of us have what I like to call a "saying dumb shit filter". We generally refer to them as friends. See, when you say some dumb shit around friends they will generally let you know. “Hey, dawg, that was dumb shit you just said.” After reflecting on the stupid shit that just came out of your mouth, you come to the conclusion that yes indeed, you said something stupid. It never gets repeated.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and I heard a bevy of dumb shit coming from this windbag. I wondered, how is it possible that he continuously spews this crap on the radio? Then I thought, the man in sequestered in his Florida mansion popping painkillers all day. He can’t hear and his audience refers to themselves as ditto-heads. So there is no one to tell him that the crap he is saying is dumb as hell. He has no opportunity to reflect upon the dumb shit that he says. And once it is out there, to cover his ass, he makes it seem that what he said is profound - because no one has is saying it. Well, most people have that "saying dumb shit filter" and Rush doesn't. So he never filter out the dumb shit until it is spewed over the airwaves. Rush is without a filter and we have yet another reason to be thankful for real friends.

Rant 3: I was thinking about all the times I got slapped in the mouth for saying something that I shouldn’t. Once, my mother overheard me calling my sister a bitch. She laid a good one right across my face. So, here I am as an adult cursing up a storm and I have to wonder, what did it server to get slapped for cursing as a child. My grandmother and mother could have saved themselves a lot of grief by just letting me cuss.


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