Michael Jackson: The Court of Public Opinion

I haven't written about the Michael Jackson trial for two reasons: I wasn't interested and I had nothing interesting to say. But now that the trial is over and MJ is dealing with public opion as to his guilt or innocent, I find that I do have something to say. So, today I'm going to say my peace on MJ and leave it alone.

I understand the court of public opinion but even an opinion should be based on some fact. I don’t think MJ is a cold-blooded pedophile and no one has presented anything other than his or her opinion as evidence to the contrary. I didn’t follow the case that closely but no one with any credibility stepped forward to present evidence that MJ is a child molester.

MJ has been around a lot of children and if he were a monster, as some believe he is, I think there would be a long line of parents looking to put Mike behind bars.

The only thing we can say about Mike that is for certain is that he is strange and is probably detached from reality. That is enough to not allow my children not to be around him, but to go from there to pedophile is a stretch.

I knew a pastor who was accused of molesting two 14-year-old girls. One of the girls was his granddaughter. No one believed that his granddaughter would lie on him… why would she. Well, after a few days of him sitting behind bars she finally tells the truth. She lied. Why, because he wouldn’t let her be on his radio show because of her grades. There are teachers who have lost their jobs because kids get angry and accused the teacher of “touching them”. Only after some considerable time has the truth come out and for many it is too late. An accusation equates to guilt with many. Even after the accuser recants or a jury finds the person on trial not guilty, it not enough and people will still view them as having gotten away with a crime.

And please don’t use that ‘not guilty doesn’t mean you’re innocent’ line, it’s tiresome. Because I could easily say that being found guilty doesn’t’ necessarily mean you committed the crime. That is evident in the number of death row cases that have been overturned. How many innocent men are rotting away in prison now?

This family wasn’t credible and there is no way that I believe this boy or his mother based off of their history. I think if this same accusation had been levied against someone that was more respected in the community, the mother and son would have been shown the door and this case would have never seen the light of day. But because MJ is what he is… odd, they bring the case and that alone is enough to make people believe he is a monster. Well, I don’t buy it. Nuff said!!!


2 Responses to Michael Jackson: The Court of Public Opinion

  1. Cynthia Says:
    Nuff said and very well said at that.
  2. Anonymous Says:
    No, not "Nuff said". It seems the only reason he is supportive of MJ's supposed innocence is that they are both black.