Get the Hell Outta My Way!!!

So I’m trying to make a right turn and there are several people in the crosswalk – so I wait. And I wait. And I wait. This is the great annoyance that I’ve always had with California. Pedestrians have the right of way. That is the case in most states, but in California, they actually live by that law. In Chicago, people cross the street with a little pep in their step. Why? Because cabs don’t stop, there are trains and buses to catch, the lights are short and most people are in a hurry to get where they are going. But these folks in Cali lollygag across the street as if they have all day to get to where they are going. Maybe they do, but I don’t. I’m so tempted to roll down my window and just yell, ‘hey buddy, get the f*&^ across the street already’. Pedestrian have the right of way my ass. Man I just want to bump somebody’s kneecaps - just once. I can see some little trick sitting on the curb holding his knee screaming, “You hit me.” Well, ya gotdamn right I hit you. Maybe the next time when you see two tons of American ingenuity barreling down on you at 40 miles per hours, you’ll get the f*&^ outta the way. Is it not bad enough that half the main street's left turning lanes are backed up because of lack of turn arrows? So to see some young punk holding up traffic because he feels it’s his right to mosey across the street and not have his face smashed against the grill of a car…ahhhggg – just burns the hell out of me. Otherwise, I really haven’t had a problem with LA traffic.


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