Media, Common and the Senate

Thought 1: Losing a good show

So here I am reading the morning paper and I find out that one of my favorite shows will be cancelled next year. If you’ve never seen it, and it is apparent that many haven’t, then I must tell you that “Third Watch” is one of the best shows on television. This NBC cop show comes on every Friday and every aspect of the show is solid. The stories are compelling, the acting is great and the characters are interesting. By placing it on Friday night, NBC guaranteed it a smaller viewing audience. The executives at NBC would be wise to move this show to a new time slot and pub it more. It’s not like they have much more to offer. I mean, who’s watch “Joey” or “The Contender”?

Thought 2: Common Update

The long awaited Common album, “Be”, will be in stores on May 24. I wasn’t crazy about his last outing but I have a good feeling about this one. I’m glad the brother got with Kane West. My hometown cats are making some noise.

Thought 3: A Nuclear Option

So Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist wants to use the option to remove the Democrats ability to filibuster Bush’s judicial nominations. The Senate is allowed to make its own rules but changing the rules require a super majority (60 votes). Senator Frist will get around this rule by letting the President of the Senate, Dick Cheney, declare that a simple majority is needed to change the rules. If this isn’t some funky underhanded way to bypass the rules then I don’t know what is. It seems to me that the Republican Party is drunk off of its own power and that will certainly lead to its demise. They changed the ethics rules to protect Delay. They put secret panels together to create legislation. They suppress or doctor evidence to fit their agenda and tag the title traitor onto anyone who dares to call them on their lies and treachery. I hope the American public wakes up soon… but I’m not holding my breath. Certainly we can’t expect to pay attention to politicians usurping the Constitution when same sex marriages are set to destroy the fabric of our nation and kids learning about evolution is desensitizing them from the Creator's hand and making the universe. And we wonder why our kids are falling behind other industrialized nations when it comes to science and math scores.


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