American Idol & Media Hype

Thought 1: American Idol

Funny, Carrie Underwood is the newest winner of “American Idol” and I’ve never heard the woman sing. I have to wonder if she’s really that good. Ruben was all right and I just couldn’t get into Fantasia. Something about her high-pitched voiced annoyed the hell out of me. Everything about Clay Aiken just screamed “sweet tart” to me. His voice wasn’t much to listen to, but maybe it would work if he played Horace Vandergelder in “Hello Dolly”. I have to wonder how legit is the voting on that show. I don't trust American's taste in music. Afterall, The Backstreet Boys and Chingy are platinum artist. Rappers are whispering their lyrics - and people actually buy it. Omarion is still popular (I wish he and his brother would go away) and someone actually put Lil Jon on a love song. The nail in the coffin is that the American Idol Soundtrack is in the Top 100 of album sales!!! I don't ever recall a "Star Search" soundtrack or the "Solid Gold" DVD box set.

Would America select a true artist. It seems like the person that falls into the cliche artist profile fair much beter than someone that shows a little creativity. I wonder how Prince would have faired on that show?

Paula: You’re cute and I love your purple outfit. And your singing is fabulous.
Randy: You know, I like the vocals but I’m not sure if I’m feeling the soul/rock thing. I’m just speaking for the brothers.
Simon: And what in god names made you cut the ass out in your pants.
Paula: I think that shows attitude and creativity.
Simon: No, it shows his ass.
Randy: (wincing) I’m not feeling the ass-out look either.
Simon: What grown man wears a purple blouse? We’re looking for the next American phenomenon, not casting a role for Barney.
Randy: But I see you got some skills and you might make it somewhere. But I think Clay Aken may have you.
Paula: But you are cute. Here’s my number. Maybe we can go get out for dinner and maybe get our eye lashed arched.
Simon: And find a seamstress while you’re at it.

Yep, I think that's how it would be for Prince. I think I'll stick to Earth Wind & Fire, John Legend and pick up the latest Common CD.

Thought 2: Over-hyped News

Have you ever wondered who commissions some of the studies that they report on the evening news? Study: Cigarette Smoke May Harm Fertility. A study shows black men are affected by racism. Study examines sunlight, seasonal blahs. But not only are the studies useless and obvious, but the way the news covers them are at best, ridiculous. The evening news show hype the study in promos during primetime shows. “Coming up after CSI on Eyewitness news, a study shows the impact of cigarette smoke on fertility. Are you killing your future baby? Find out at 11.” And if you decide to watch and find out what the study is about, you have to wait until the end of the show for them to tell you the obvious. If you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you shouldn’t be around cigarette smoke.

The print media is no different. I’m toiling through the LA Times and I come across an article on the Puente Hills fault. This little known fault runs under downtown Los Angeles and according to experts a quake on this fault would be a catastrophic natural disaster causing tens of millions in damage and killing thousands. Being new to Los Angeles, this peaked my interested. I could hear myself going, “Oh My”. But like all hyped news these days, the caveat was that there have only been four earthquakes on this fault in the last 11,000 years. By my math, that’s an earthquake every 4,000 years give or take 100 years. The last earthquake associated with the fault happened in 1987. So that means the next possible quake is likely to happen about 3500 years… after I’m dead.

But the headline in the paper didn’t read “LA Earthquake possible in 4000 years”. No, it read, “Big Fault Under L.A. Could Be Devastating”. The fact that someone received millions in grant money to conduct studies obvious to most of us is bad enough. But does the media have to hype them up to make them seem significant and relevant. There are enough exiting things happening in the world without wasting time on goofy crap. Maybe someone should commission a study: How much time Americans waste on crappy news? But the answer to that is obvious... isn't it?


4 Responses to American Idol & Media Hype

  1. privatedancer Says:
    American Idol: I don't watch the show and I have no idea who that girl is who you said won, but I thought the whole show was a little strange in the beginning anyway. America is infatuated with fame and money, so if that means going on a nationally televised talent show to become famous and rich-it will be done. Americans are very intent on doing everything quickly and without effort, and this includes becoming a celebrity. I have to admit I did watch the try-outs last year and laughed for an hour. I couldn't believe that real people were doing something so hilarious and were actually ok with making fools of themselves.
    The Media: As you know, I avoid the news at all costs because it is sensational, depressing, and oppresive. I mean, I feel for the families who lost someone that day in a gang shooting in Compton, but can we get a positive image, please? White people must be terrified...And yes, the studies are sooooo a few years we will be hearing how unhealthy it is to live in a "low-carb lifestyle", and everyone will start eating carbs again like crazy. I eat carbs whenever I want and still stay at a nice 118, so I ignored all the hype. Most of it is very obvious-yes, if you eat a pound of pasta and a chocolate cake, you will be fat! Do we need a special study to prove something so obvious?
    As a California native, I have lived through 2 strong earthquakes, and 1 of them I somehow never felt, although all of LA did...anyway, you're odds of dying in an earthquake are so small-but the media makes you believe you're doomed to fall through the cracks of LA. They usually happen at 4 in the morning anyway, so if you're walking the streets of LA at 4 in the morning you're probably up to no good and deserve to fall in the cracks anyway.
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